Tuesday, May 24, 2016


As a child I was fascinated with magnets.  It’s still hard for me to explain how they work.  But I know that magnets can attract or repel each other.  And I know that a magnet is at work in every compass…which always points north. 

I think about magnets when Jesus says: “I will draw everyone to myself.” (John 12:32)  It’s as if God were a magnet. 

What is it that draws us to Jesus?  Is it His words or values or actions which attract us? Or is it something deeper…a desire to be whole, a longing for closeness, a yearning for a more satisfying love?

Sometimes I’m aware that there is a hole in my heart…a kind of empty space.  It’s as if something is missing. Some things fill the hole for a while…a beautiful sunrise or a good talk with a friend or holding a child in my arms after a baptism.  Each of these moments connect me with God…who draws me close to Him and who will ultimately satisfy my hungry heart.

Is there a hole in your heart? How does God fill that hole?  Is God drawing you closer to Him…like a magnet?  

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