Monday, May 2, 2016

                                                 Not as the World Gives Peace
                                                                John 14:27

When Jesus says: “Not as the world gives peace, do I give peace” what does He mean?

Think about how countries approach Peace Treaties.  Isn’t there always some self-interest at heart when nations sit at a peace table?  Usually we only agree to certain provisions, if we think we can get around them or if we think we are getting a better deal than the other side.

So we bargain for peace.  It is not freely given.  And when that’s the case, no one is ever completely happy.  In fact many peace treaties become the basis for future wars. 

Keeping peace in our families can be equally difficult.  Rivalries, jealousies and egos clash.  We say we are sorry, but we often don’t let go of past hurts. We put on peaceful faces, but our innards are doing cartwheels. (By the way, my innards are good at that!)

Jesus’ peace is different.  It is freely given.  It has no self-interest.  There are no bargaining chips.  The past is not only forgiven…it is forgotten. His peace is wholehearted and unconditional.

Question: On a scale from 1-10, one being the way the world gives peace, and ten being the way Jesus gives peace, where am I? 

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