Tuesday, May 17, 2016

                                                     Jesus Knocking at the Door

Did you ever see that picture of Jesus knocking at a door?  (If you haven’t seen it, just google it and you will see many renditions)

The most interesting detail in that painting is that the door does not have a doorknob. Most people who notice that, think the missing doorknob indicates that we have to open the door from the inside in order to let Jesus come into our hearts.

With Pentecost still in our rear-view mirror, our question may be: Have we wholeheartedly opened the door to let Jesus’ Spirit into our hearts?    

But Pope Francis has a different take on that image of Jesus knocking at the door.  He says: “I have the impression that Jesus was locked in the church and that He’s knocking because He wants to get out.” That turns things upside-down.

From that perspective Pentecost isn’t about our personal life in the Spirit.  It’s about taking the Spirit of Christ out of the church and into the world…making it a little more God-like!     
So here’s a new question: As a spirit-filled person, how are you reshaping the world?

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