Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Today, August 29th, is the feast of ‘The Passion of St. John the Baptist’.  I never noticed that title before.  I always thought it was called the ‘Beheading’ of St. John the Baptist.  But the word ‘Passion’ adds a new dimension.  First of all, the connection to the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ becomes crystal clear.

What’s more, the word ‘Passion’ has a double meaning.  It not only describes the details of John’s suffering and death.  It also describes the strength of John’s commitment, his passion for being honest and faithful no matter what it would cost. He didn’t back down.  John gave his whole life to his calling.

Questions:  What’s the current passion in your life?  What was it when you were 20 or 40?  For what would you be willing to die?

Here's some follow-up to Jesus’ question from last week: “Who do you say that I am?” Annette says: “He is my anchor.” Terri mentions that He’s the one I can “lean on”. Don says: He’s the center of my heart.” Konni calls the Lord: “My Graceland.” And Sheila adds: “He’s my bridge over troubled water.” Thanks for those wonderful responses!

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