Tuesday, November 15, 2016

                                                  Buddy  Benches and Safety Pins

Brian got his Eagle Scout award two years ago.  His project was to build buddy benches for a local Catholic grade school.  The benches offer kids a place to sit when they feel bullied, put down or not included. Other students or faculty join them on those benches to offer support, suggestions and encouragement. 

Last week local children faced a new round of hostility. In Racine some Latino kids were harassed at a bus-stop when others shouted: ‘Your parents are going to be deported’ or ‘Go back to Mexico’.  In Greendale a worried teen asked a teacher if her Muslim parents “would be forced to wear identification badges.”

Children and teens should not have to deal with these things.

My sister says her friends in Kokomo are wearing safety pins on their clothing now.  The pins designate people who are ‘safe’ to talk to, when kids, teens or others need reassurance or support from someone they can trust. Will this help?  I don’t know.  But it’s at least a sign of  love in a world that needs it. 

What can you do to diffuse meanness and create a better atmosphere for children, teens and others who are put down or afraid? Name one thing you will do. 

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