Tuesday, October 25, 2016

                                                                Beautiful Feet

Last weekend I helped out at St. John Paul II Parish in Milwaukee. Since October 22 is his feast day, there were special readings for the weekend.   

The first reading was from Isaiah 52:7-10. The first sentence says: “How beautiful the feet…of those who bring good news.” It was an appropriate text for St. John Paul II, who brought good news to 129 countries and to many groups of people over the years of his Papacy. In that sense he had very beautiful feet. 

Do you have beautiful feet?

My friend, Carlos, is a great travel companion.  But sometimes I accuse him of having stinky feet. (That’s not really true…but I like to tease him.)  The truth is, he is a wonderful person who has a way of picking people up when their spirits are down.  When he visits people like that, he brings them good news.  So even his ‘stinky feet’ are beautiful!

Look at your feet. Where do they take you?  To the store or to work so you can buy food for your family? To the neighbor who lives alone? To church with canned goods for the poor? To your parents or children who need a hug?  How beautiful are your feet?

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