Tuesday, October 18, 2016

                                   Persistence, Monologue and the Rear View Mirror

Jesus tells us to pray always…and not grow weary. (Lk 18:1)  The idea is to be persistent in prayer.  Does that mean we should pester God for what we want?  I used to think so.  But now I think persistence is faithfully praying over the long haul of life.   

For years I spent my prayer time asking God for favors and forgiveness and saying an occasional ‘Thanks God’.  But three years ago my prayer took a sharp turn. I read an article reminding me that prayer is a conversation with God.  That stopped me in my tracks.  My prayer had always been a monologue.  I did all the talking.

I wondered what God would tell me if I tried to listen.  So I looked in the rear view mirror of my life and then I heard God’s voice. He said: “Ron, I’m your companion on the journey…I’m your good shepherd…and I’m your best friend.”  I’m so glad I finally listened.

Have you been persistent in prayer over the long haul of your life?  How has your prayer changed over the years?  Has your prayer been more of a monologue than a dialogue?  What has God been saying to you? 

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