Tuesday, August 9, 2016

                                                                Wearing an Apron

A brief parable in Luke’s Gospel tells us to be prepared for the master’s arrival. (Lk 12:35-40)  It says that, when he comes in the middle of the night and finds the servants awake and ready, the master will be very pleased. In fact, he will be so pleased that he will put on an apron, have his servants sit down, and he will wait on them!

“Put on an apron” is Luke Timothy Johnson’s rendition of the words that others translate as “he will gird himself”. “Put on an apron” captures more of the surprise at the reversal of roles.  The master becomes the servant.

Did you know that a common title for the Holy Father is ‘The Servant of the Servants of God’? The point is that we are all servants of our Master. And yet our Master “has come as a servant among us”. (Lk 22:27) And He also washed the feet of His disciples.

What does it mean to be a servant? Whom do you serve? How is the Lord your Master?  How did you serve Him yesterday?  Name a way that our Master recently 'put on an apron' to serve you.

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