Sunday, August 21, 2016

                                                                 The Narrow Door

The question to Jesus was:”Are there only a few who will be saved?” (Lk 13:23)   Realizing that the questioner assumed that he would be one of the saved, Jesus answered: “Strive to enter thru the narrow door.” (Lk 13:24) What did Jesus mean by that?

Maybe the curious man was too self-righteous to fit thru the narrow door.  It could be that Jesus hopes the guy will put his self-righteousness on a diet.  Then he’ll fit thru that door.

What could stop me from fitting thru the narrow door to eternal life?

Is my ego too big?  Am I too full of myself?  Is my life too focused on stuff? Am I overly focused on my security?  Do I need more than the ‘daily bread’ that I ask for in the Lord’s prayer? Am I too judgmental?  

Take 5 minutes to pray. Ask Jesus what kind of diet He recommends for you and me?

Extra credit: Read Flannery O’Connor’s short story entitled ‘Revelation’.  Ruby Turpin needed a hit on the head so she could enter the narrow door.

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