Tuesday, May 23, 2017

                                                             Last Words

When do your loved ones tell you the most important things they want you to hear?

My experience is that I’m more likely to hear those things in an intimate moment or when some kind of crisis is pending or when death is on someone’s mind.     

So it is with Jesus.  In John’s Gospel He raises the most important things He wants His disciples to hear at the Last Supper.  Once the washing of the feet is over and Judas has been dispatched to do what he is going to do, Jesus spends a lot of time telling the others what he really wants them to remember when He’s gone. 

In that context we hear things like:  “Love one another,”  “Remain in my love,” “I will always be with you,” “Don’t let your hearts be troubled,” “I will send you another comforter,” “You will see me again.”

When He says those things His disciples don’t exactly understand what he is talking about.  Only in hindsight does all of that make sense.

What are the most important things you have heard from your loved ones?  What are the things you ultimately want to say to the people you love?  

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