Tuesday, March 21, 2017

                                                        She Had Five Husbands 

What a remarkable story about the woman at the well in last Sunday’s Gospel. (Jn 4:5-42) Jesus broke multiple taboos when He visited Samaria, spoke to this woman publicly, used the same utensil she used, and welcomed her as a woman disciple.  No other Rabbi of His time would have done any of those things.     

And He does them knowing that she had 5 husbands and then lived with another man.

Why would Jesus do this?  Although Jesus was thirsty and asked her for a drink, Jesus knew that she was thirsty too.   He knew about the marriages.  And He understood her situation of being belittled and maliciously judged.  She was thirsty for kindness and acceptance.

When we hear about the five husbands, our eyebrows raise and we jump to conclusions that are probably wrong.  There were laws in Samaria that allowed men to buy women and sell them whenever they wanted.  Imagine being bought and sold 5 times and finally gaining her freedom…only to be shunned by her own people.

Why are we so quick to judge people before we know their stories? When have you been on the giving or receiving end of that kind of judgment?

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