Tuesday, January 31, 2017


There’s an interesting story in Mark’s Gospel (5:25-34). It is about a woman who has been hemorrhaging for 12 years.  That meant she was unclean and that every person or thing she touched was considered unclean too … for all that time.   And for all that time she lived a secret life.  In a crowd of people she touched Jesus and she was cured.

Jesus felt ‘power’ go out of Him and He turned around to look for the person who touched Him.  When Jesus saw her, she came to Jesus “in fear and trembling” and she told Him everything. 

That poor woman carried her secret with her for 12 years.  And she hoped she could be cured in secret too.  But her secrets were now known to Jesus and He healed her body and her troubled soul.  What a relief for her!  No more secrets.

Do you have some secrets that you have carried for a long time?  Do they trouble you?  Would you be embarrassed if they were made known?  Say them aloud to Jesus in a prayer. And be at peace.  He has always known them and He has always loved you anyway.    

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