Friday, January 27, 2017

                                                           My Best Christmas

My best Christmas comes down to a few words from my dad.  It was 1990 and the first time we were together for Christmas in 5 years.  (I’d been working the the Dominican Republic during those previous years.)

After opening the gifts we were talking about our family.  In that context, dad shared one of his regrets.  His regret was spending very little time with my older brother and me when we were kids.  He had a full time day job and he worked part time three nights a week and every other weekend.  Not much time or energy to play ball with us.   

I’d felt that void with my dad for a long time.  We weren’t very close.  But his regret moved me.  It meant that he understood what had happened. His regret was an act of love. It was an unexpected gift that really touched my heart.  So, out my 68 Christmases, that was the best one.        

Isn’t it amazing that a few unexpected words would make such a difference?  What unexpected thing could you say to someone this Christmas time?  Touching someone’s heart with honest loving words is more valuable than a new laptop or a piece of jewelry or a fancy dinner.  And if words fail you, just give the gift of your time.

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