Tuesday, July 5, 2016

                                                          What Is Your Mission in Life? 

Jesus sent 72 disciples on a mission. Here is the mission He gave them: “Cure the sick and say ‘the kingdom of God is at hand for you’”(Luke 10:9)  In other words their mission was: Heal people and tell them that God is with them.

Their mission is directly connected to Jesus’ command to love. But He wants them to specifically show love by dealing with people’s concrete issues and reminding them that God is always in their corner and on their side in life.   

Our overall mission is also to love.  But each of us has unique ways of doing that.   

I recently asked some people to describe their mission. One person said: “It’s to help people and share what I can.” A lady said: “It’s to be a good spouse and raise loving children.” A man told me: “It’s to leave this world better than I found it.” A young woman said: “It is to be joyful!” And here’s my mission: To try to see God in everyone and everything each day.

So here’s the question: In 10 words or less, what is your mission in life? When you have an answer, tell someone else what it is.  Saying it aloud makes it so much more real.

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