Tuesday, July 19, 2016

                                                           Notice the Details

I was aiming for Hannibal Missouri. But four hours of traveling down the center of Illinois was totally boring.  Miles of flat, repetitious scenery!  I needed something to keep me awake. So I started looking for details that would interest me. 

Almost immediately I saw feathers flying out of a huge semi. I sped up and realized that most of the feathers were still connected to chickens! Probably more than 1,000 on board.  I thought of the crucial detail of transporting delicious chicken dinners.

Then I saw a billboard advertising an “Adult Store”. So I prayed for people who are addicted to self-destructive things. I saw a car full of people on a family trip. I prayed for them too. I saw details...until I got lost…which forced me to pay attention to other details!!     

Some people say: “The mass is boring”.  If that happens, try focusing on some details.  For example, I like praying for a release ‘from all anxiety’ after the Lord’s Prayer. And I love the words: “The Lord be with you.” And I like making the cross on my forehead, lips and heart when the gospel is read.  Those little details touch me.

Name some details of mass which help you stay engaged even if it’s a bit boring.

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