Tuesday, June 7, 2016

                                                                 A Spiritual Exercise

Control is an issue for me.  Recently it caused me/others grief. So I followed a spiritual exercise that helps me.  Here’s my method:

1. I write down everything I can think of regarding the issue.  It includes a description of my current situation, the problems that my control causes, and the origins of my need to control so much.  I write until I have nothing more to say.   

2. Then I try to recall an incident in Jesus life when He dealt with the same issue. And I write down what comes to me.  So I remember the wedding at Cana.  Jesus doesn’t want to solve the ‘wine’ problem because “His hour had not come.”  But Mary pushes Him into it.  Jesus lets go of control and does what Mary wants. And the most wonderful thing happens.

3. Remembering the Cana story helps me realize that Jesus understands my problem.  He lets go of control and that leads to something unbelievable.  Then I write a prayer.  I thank Jesus for understanding me and ask for His help with my problem. This exercise helps me.      

Are you struggling with an issue in your life right now? Try this exercise.  Maybe it will help.  

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