Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Peace in Place of Chaos

I use a great preaching resource, written by Verna Holyhead.  She says “The first gift of the resurrection that Jesus offers them (the disciples) is peace.  The biblical opposite of ‘peace’ is not ‘war’ but ‘chaos’…”*

Chaos is exactly what the disciples experienced after the death of Jesus. 

Jesus tried to prepare them beforehand.  But when Jesus mentioned the issue of his suffering and death, His disciples didn’t want to hear it.  So they, like us sometimes, ignored the bad news…hoping it would just go away. But, of course, that didn’t happen.

Their chaos only subsides when they hear Jesus say “Peace be with you.” And He repeats it several times, hoping those words will sink into their chaotic hearts. 


Right now my life is in a bit of ‘chaos’ too.  As I approach retirement, I wonder what is in store for me.  Will I have enough to do?  Will I be alone too much?  Will my housemates tire of my hanging around the house all day?   Will I drive myself nuts???

It helps me to remember Jesus’ Easter words.  He tells me: “Peace be with you.”  And He doesn’t tire of repeating it.  So sometimes I just close my eyes and breathe in and out as I hear His calming voice repeat those words. And it helps me.  He comforts me.  

When your life is in chaos, how does Jesus comfort you?

*Verna Holyhead is the author of a homily resource entitled Welcoming the Word in Year A, B, and C.  It is published by Liturgical Press in Collegeville Minnesota

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