Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Women

Mary Magdalene and a small group of women were the earliest witnesses to the Resurrection of Christ.  Although the Apostles treated their message as ‘nonsense’, Peter is curious enough to ‘run’ to the tomb to see what’s going on. 

Did you know that the word ‘apostle’ literally means ‘one who is sent’?  So, in that sense, Mary Magdalene and those women were apostles. Why were they sent to the other apostles?

I assume they were sent to the men because the men were scared and hidden in a locked room.  It’s interesting that the women weren’t so afraid to go to the tomb. Women were didn’t count for much in that era, so they could move about more freely.  Nonetheless the women were still very courageous to do what they did. 

Obviously those women were very close to Jesus.  Unlike most rabbis, Jesus traveled with women followers, in addition to the men.  We read about that in Luke’s Gospel.  So women heard His stories, witnessed miracles, and walked with Him to the cross and tomb.

Today I think of women who first shared faith with me.  My mom and my favorite teacher, Sr. Rosaire, were my early teachers of faith. Along with others, they are my ‘Easter’ women. 

Name women who first shared faith with you as a child.  Name women who continue to share faith with you now. Be grateful for them.

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