Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Whispering God

                        A blog that calls attention to the quiet voice of God in daily life.


Can you hear God’s voice when He whispers? The title of this blog comes from the story of Elijah in the Book of Kings (1Kings 19:11-13). Elijah wants to hear the voice of God, but God’s voice is not in the wind or in an earthquake or in a fire. God’s voice comes in the ‘sound of sheer silence’…some translators call it ‘a quiet whispering sound’. 


I frequently miss hearing God’s voice.   Sometimes there’s simply too much noise in my life and I can’t hear God’s voice.  And sometimes my relationship with God gets too focused on me and my needs. When that happens my ears are blocked and I can’t hear God’s quiet whispers. But in some grace-filled moments I do hear God’s quiet voice.  When I do, it is such a blessing. 


Here are some examples.  Recently a lady called to say thanks for something I did a while ago.  It was a call out-of-nowhere.  Last weekend I presented 3 children to our church after their baptisms. It touched my heart to hold each of them. This morning I fell asleep when I was praying. I woke up thinking of someone.  So I called him and my timing was just right.  These are small things, but (usually in hindsight) I realize I’ve heard God’s quiet voice.    


The object of this blog is help us be more alert to the soft voice of God in ordinary experiences and in tiny moments when we are vulnerable enough to let God’s word pierce our hearts and touch our souls.   


Think of the last time that a whisper of God entered your heart or touched your soul.

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