Tuesday, February 23, 2016

                                    Our Transfiguration - Our Exodus

When Jesus took Peter, James and John to the top of the mountain where He was transfigured, they saw Moses and Elijah talking to Him. No doubt the apostles were shocked to see those two Jewish heroes.  But I suspect, what stunned them most, was the topic of their conversation.  They were speaking “of His exodus that he was going to accomplish in Jerusalem.” (Luke 9:31)  In other words they were talking about Jesus’ death and departure from this world. 

Although Jesus tried many times to broach that subject of his suffering and dying with His Apostles, they did their best to avoid it.  Now they couldn’t escape it.     

What did Moses, Elijah and Jesus say about His exodus?  We don’t know.  But here are two possibilities.  Maybe they spoke about the method of Jesus death, His dying on a cross with all its horror.  Or maybe they talked about how Jesus would personally face His death…regardless of the method used to kill Him.  In other words, how Jesus would live the final journey.

The way we live the final journey is the heart of the matter more than the method of our dying.   

Jesus did not choose the manner of His death.  But He chose the way He personally lived the journey.  He forgave the soldiers.  He forgave the repentant thief.  He took care of His mother. He died as a Son of God in whom the Father was well pleased.

We won’t choose the manner of our exodus either.  But we can choose the way we want to live the final journey.  Will you die as a son or daughter of God in whom He is well pleased?  What would that mean?

This week tell someone about the way you want to live your final journey.

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